Being a umbrella organization for the Nepal-China land route trade, NTHBCA has been providing following services to traders and other agencies:

  • Provide counseling to its NTHBCA members and prepare recommendations for the promotion of export trade of Nepal.
  • Collecting the problems and issues faced by Nepalese exporters/ importers and make recommendation to concerned government agencies for necessary actions.
  • Organize the interaction programs and make recommendation to the concern agencies.
  • Create awareness and to educate the members of NTHBCA about the government policies, acts and regulations.
  • Disseminate the information of plans and policies related to export and import of Government of Nepal to its members.
  • Provide import/export data and exportable goods name to its members and concerned agencies.
  • Regularly make the study and research on Nepal- China trade and find out the facilitation measures for further promotion.
  • Provide help it’s members to go PR china and overseas for business opportunities and to promote Nepal – China bilateral trade.
  • Help its members in technological innovation management and procedures for increment of competitiveness for business promotion.


For the effective implementation of decisions and to fulfill the objective of NTHBCA ,it has a very good professional Secretariat ,data base computer unit and conference room and Meeting halls .It has three branches office at 3 places which are as follows.

  1. Tatopani Branch Office
  2. Rasuwagadi Branch Office
  3. Dolalghat unit office.