About Us

Nepal Trans Himalaya Border Commerce Association

With the aim of promoting trade between Nepal and the People’s Republic of China, Nepalese entrepreneurs and traders established the “Nepal Trans Himalaya Border Trade Association in to facilitate the import/export and overcome the problems being faced (4th of Chaitra 2055). its first name was “Kathmandu-Tatopani byapar sahayog sangha”. Later on the name of the association was slightly changed by”Nepal Trans Himalaya border Commerce Association”. The Central Office is located at Kathmandu Metropolitan city, Ward No.10, New Baneshwor ,Buddhanagar. This Commerce Association is the sole umbrella organization for the businessmen who are interested to trade with PR China and Tibet Autonomous Region of PR China, being the borderline in the north .Being an umbrella organization it has been performing various activities for the facilitation of Nepal-China bilateral trade.

Ad -hoc Committee during the establishment period

At the time of establishment for Nepal Tarns Himalaya Border Commerce Association the following Establishment Ad-hoc committee was formed:

S.No. Name of Person Designation
1. Mr.Durga Bahadur Shrestha Chairman
2. Mr.Nilkantha Chaulagain Vice-President
3. Mr.Shyam Prasad Bajgain Secretary
4. Mr.Bishnu Bahadur Khatri Treasure
5. Mr.Shanker Oli Joint –Secretary
6. Late. Mr.Ramhari Karki Joint Treasure
7. Mr.Keshav Bahadur Rayamahhi Member
8. Mr.Ramhari Karki Member
9. .Mr.Badri Adhikari Member
10. Mr.Devi Gahadur Karki Member
11. Mr.Narayan Paudel Member
12. Mr.Krishna Bahadur Thapa Member
13. Mr.Nawraj Naupane Member
14. Late Mr. Juddha Bahadur Rai Member

Objective of the Nepal Trans Himalaya Border Commerce Association:

  • Play a catalyst role in the export/import business with The People’s Republic of China and Tibet Autonomous Region of PR china through land route between both countries.
  •  Work with the Governmental organization as a public –private partnership to fulfill the objectives.
  • Believe in fair competition and private initiative for trade development.
  • Cooperation with foreign Chamber of Commerce and Industries for promotion of trade and joint investment.
  • Positive initiation for create induceives environment for business promotion.
  • Build closer relationships with the commercial and industrial entities of the Peoples Republic of China.